Spotlight King: Part 2

The following was written for Papyrus, the newsletter of the Egyptian Theater Foundation in Ogden, Utah. Written by foundation member Van Summerill in 2002:

[Continued] Hobnobbing with the Stars by Van Summerill

Over time, Spotlight accumulated a substantial cache of these pictures. He systematically pasted the words, “on the Super Chief,” on each photo and mounted them in identical gold frames.

His home was in the 200 block of 28th Street, a place he called his sanctuary. Jim Stavrakakis was impressed by Spotlight’s perfectly arranged clothes and his treasured celebrity photos, all neatly displayed on his sanctuary walls.

Spotlight became so familiar to movie royalty that Hedda Hopper, a well-known Hollywood gossip columnist, once hired him to bar tend for a gala Academy Awards party at her home in Hollywood. The bash was covered by the Los Angeles press. Those attending were quoted praising their friend Spotlight.

Once, when King was hospitalized, he seized the opportunity to write to some 60 Hollywood personalities, greatly exaggerating the extent of his illness and announcing his impending demise. Spotlight’s celebrity pals responded with dozens of get-well cards, telegrams and floral arrangements.

Hedda Hopper (1885 – 1966) – American actress and Hollywood gossip columnist.

…to be continued next week.

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