223 Inspection for possible restoration work

I wanted to let you know that the inspection of 223 went smoothly today. There were no issues that required deeper investigation. All the work that the R&LHS Golden Spike Chapter completed is ready to be incorporated into the final reassembly. There is still a significant amount of work that needs to be completed but this is all the result of normal wear and tear on an engine that was built in 1881 and worked hard during its time in service, then spend many years sitting unprotected from the elements in a SLC park. 

Stathi Pappas of Stockton Locomotive Works led the process and was assisted by two of his associates. Doug Misner from the State of Utah joined us to observe and document the testing, plus ask questions to thoroughly understand the current state of restoration. Several members and volunteers from the Golden Spike Chapter participated. 

The team reinforced multiple times that this is a unique artifact that needs to be preserved. It is the last Grant Locomotive manufactured C-16 that has the potential to return to operation. 

The results of this inspection will be incorporated into the restoration report being updated by John Bush. 

We finished up much earlier than anticipated so we had lunch at Two-Bit-Street Café and the Stockton Locomotive Works crew headed to the Golden Spike Site where they will be hosted by Tom Brown. Then they will continue to another project in Washington State.

4 thoughts on “223 Inspection for possible restoration work

  1. Donald Paul says:

    I hope John Bush finds # 223 to be a viable restoration project for the C&TS RR. What a great addition to the historic collection,


  2. John Lyans says:

    The irony of the state’s sudden interest in preserving 223. I wonder if they realize that this engine would have rusted away to nothing by now had your group not intervened to save her.


  3. William Reed says:

    Awewome and you got the right team on the job for a full and complete restoration of D&RGW 223. Hoping this project moves forward and we her steaming again. Thanks for the update.


  4. steverlhs says:

    Please understand that this inspection was for information gathering purposes. No decision has been made about the disposition of the 223 locomotive or its restoration project. The results will be included in the Restoration Report that John Bush is generating which will enable the decision makers to determine the best course of action based on facts.

    Testing included Ultrasound inspection of the boiler at critical points; a visual inspection of the boiler and firebox; micrometer readings of various bearing surfaces on the running gear, valve assemblies and cylinders; and a visual inspection of all parts that have been disassembled or remanufactured by the Golden Spike Chapter.


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