Brigham City Railroad Museum

In 2019, the Golden Spike Chapter of the R&LHS received grant money from Utah State to repair the aging door to the Trainman’s building at the Ogden Union Station. The Ogden City Landmarks Commission gave the approval to move forward with the repairs, but shortly after that the Golden Spike Chapter was locked out of the Trainman’s building. Since the repairs to the door wouldn’t be needed, we asked the state to redirect the grant money to repair some needed items at the Brigham City Depot Museum in Brigham City, Utah.

Our friend Norm Nelson, president of the Utah State Railroad Museum Authority (USRMA), also oversees the great group of volunteers that support the Brigham City Railroad Museum. Norm went to work finding contractors to repair the roof and the ramp access to the Brigham City Depot. The repairs look great and the Golden Spike Chapter of the R&LHS was happy to help make it possible.

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