2019 R&LHS Convention: Day 2

The breakfast meeting on May 9th was held at the Hilton and went well with a full breakfast buffet and a one hour meeting ending at 9:00 AM. Members then were on their own the rest of the day to take part in Ogden’s activities at the Union Station Museum and events on 25th street.

The main event occurred on the rails just south of Union Station and was put on by the Union Pacific Railroad. A large viewing area had been prepared which could have held 18,000 people standing.

However, much fewer than that came. No estimate of the number has been announced to our knowledge. Nevertheless, there was a sizable gathering and plenty of UP VIPs as well as Ogden’s Mayor, the Governor and congressional representatives.

Large video screens displayed a UP promotional video of the 844 which was already in position. The Big Boy remained “off stage” out of site until it was called in by radio. It steamed in majestically and the 844 and 4014 were almost nose to nose leaving space for the stage in between. The program lasted approximately one hour, and the crowds moved on to other activities in the city.

Reflections of Union Pacific’s Great Race to Ogden…