2019 R&LHS Convention: Day 1

Our convention headquarters was the Hilton Gardens Inn right in the middle of Ogden, within walking distance of most venues. We had charter buses that transported us to most of the distant places and few spots in Ogden to relieve the walking for some of our members. At 3:00 PM, members of the Golden Spike Chapter checked R&LHS members into the convention, ensuring they had name badges, Heber Valley Railroad tickets, and answering general questions.

Registration went well, but some of our members got caught up in the national problem of cancelled air flights and other hazards that delayed arrival in Ogden. The final member that was registered missed the first two days because of cancelled flights. But he was able to at least enjoy the festivities at the Golden Spike and the trip to the Heber Valley Railroad.

At 5:00 PM, we held an R&LHS Social where food and beverages were served. Many members of the group met and spoke with each other for the first time face-to-face, while other seasoned members were happy to greet old acquaintances. The main question of the evening was, “Is the Big Boy in Ogden yet?”