Spike 150 – #Done

We were able to hold an open house and give tours in the 223 Restoration Shop last Friday & Saturday because of a short-term agreement with Ogden City. Now that the Spike 150 events are over, we are once again locked out of the restoration shop.

Thank you everyone that came to show support, ask about the current situation with Ogden City, and see firsthand our progress on the D&RGW #223. For the past three weeks, our situation with Ogden City has received a lot of media attention. Residents of Utah, and thousands of railfans from around the world drove a massive amount of traffic to save223.org. Last week alone, we had over 3,000 people visit our Facebook page.

Though our situation with Ogden City is discouraging, the Golden Spike Chapter remains positive. There are a lot of moving parts happening behind the scenes that are very encouraging. This week on the website we’ll be giving a day-by-day summary of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society National Convention that was held in Ogden on May 8th – 11th. And you’ll be seeing additional stories, photos, and historical pieces about Grant Locomotive Works on our website.

You can continue to show support by sharing our Facebook posts with your friends. Let them know you support the restoration of the D&RGW #223 and the Golden Spike Chapter in Ogden, Utah. Additionally, take a minute to contact the Ogden City council and Mayor Caldwell citycouncil@ogdencity.com; mayor@ogdencity.com. Or, phone the appropriate officials https://www.ogdencity.com/directory.aspx. Let them know your thoughts about locking volunteers out and halting the restoration of the #223.