Tooele Valley Railroad Museum

Members of the Golden Spike Chapter met up for another Saturday outing to the Tooele Valley Railroad Museum in Tooele, Utah. On April 20, 2019, Steve Jones, John Barrett, Slim Jolley, Lee Witten, Joshua Bernard and Mitch Harvey met at the museum. Our host was Stephanie Statz who showed us around the property consisting of the original brick depot, two military cars with exhibits inside, several pieces of railroad equipment, a maintenance shed and a two-story Section Forman’s home. The museum was opened to public in 1983 to display artifacts from railroading, smelting and mining. The museum is located in the former Tooele Valley Railway Station that was built in 1909.

After a tour of the facilities, we spent an hour helping Stephanie identify some old tools as part of her effort to catalog the museum collection. They have closed the museum for the season as they undergo a reorganization of the collection and upgrading the facilities as time and money permit.

Anyone wishing to donate or to volunteer to make this gem of a museum of local railroading and mining history a first class facility is most welcome.