Exact Rail & Trainline Tour

Thanks to 223 director Joshua Bernhard for arranging a tour of the Exact Rail and Trainline retail store in Provo, Utah, on March 30th. Unfortunately, only two from the Golden Spike Chapter in Ogden were able to make it, Steve Jones and Lee Witten. Since both of are model railroaders, it was a very enjoyable trip. Photos show the company building, inside the stock warehouse of Exact Rail and The Trainline retail model train store with their HO layout.

Joshua is an employee of the company and Chris Brimley, our host and tour guide, is the Product VP. We learned that Exact Rail does the initial design of rail cars they have or will produce modeled after the prototypes. Detailed 3D drawings are produced, and production of the model is done on contract at plants in China. Scale Trains used to do production and Chris showed us some of the injection molds they used to use. Now, all production is done in China.

Trainline has the same owner as Exact Rail.  They do retail sales of Exact Rail models as well as other manufacturers of HO and N gauge items.